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Protect our Winter Ranges

The winter ranges need more resources allocated to its direct improvement for the betterment of our herds and to ensure a healthy future.


The Winter Range Foundation was established to address the serious need for change on the winter range. 
Our main focus will be the winter range habitat that these animals call home. Through various projects, we will dedicate ourselves to improvements that will allow our herds to thrive through the winter and make it to spring healthier than ever. By partnering with wildlife management officials in each individual state, we plan on making the necessary improvements that will help the overall health of the animals that call these ranges home.

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Support the Winter Ranges

We are currently working on setting up a sagebrush and shrub analysis for Sublette County WY.  Our main focus areas will be the winter ranges of the Mesa, Ryegrass, Calpet and Big Sandy Areas. 


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  • Sagebrush Analysis Project
    Sun, Oct 16
    Winter Range Habitat
    Oct 16, 7:00 AM
    Winter Range Habitat, Pinedale, Wyoming

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