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Updated: May 12, 2023

We have teamed up with the Bureau of Land Management on designing and implementing new wildlife crossing gates here in Wyoming.

Your typical wildlife-friendly fence is great and needs to be expanded when possible. But sometimes it's just not possible. A lot of factors come into play when converting existing fences into wildlife-friendly fence. The biggest being time and money. Another factor is if it isn't a complete drop-down fence and the winter is bad, the bottom wire being raised doesn't help much because of the snow depths.

Juliann Orban, a Wildlife Biologist, is working with the University of Montana on testing the effectiveness of the X-Gate (shown above). The theory behind the X-Gate and Slip Gates is it will allow ease of passage for migrating wildlife but also keep livestock contained.

Dale Woolwine, a Wildlife Biologist, also has been working for the past few years on the X-Gate and Slip Gate System. You can read about Dale's findings here.

Crossing Structure Collaboration_ongoing_BLM Pinedale
Download PDF • 2.45MB

Our plan is to team up with Dale and Juliann and test out a few of our ideas, similar to the

X-Gate and Slip Gates. These gate crossings will be implemented on private land and BLM land. Stay tuned for more details.

Here are a couple more examples of these types of gates.

Photo Courtesy of Juliann Orban

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