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Updated: May 5, 2023

UPDATE: This projects was completed on May 5th by just Winter Range Foundation Staff and one member from Jackson Hole Wildlife Foundation. This was due to the winter closure that was extended to May 15th. We didn't want too many people to be on the range when there are wildlife still present. But the project needed to be completed in order for cattle to be let onto the landscape. We coordinated with BLM, Game and Fish, and Ranchers to make this project happen.

We have teamed up with the Jackson Hole Wildlife Foundation to help raise and lower a wildlife-friendly fence just south of Daniel, WY in the Soapholes area. Approximately 2 miles of fence needs to be taken care of.

This fence raising was originally slated for April 28th, 2023 but due to the winter conditions still in the area, it has been pushed back. We will keep everyone updated on the future date of this fence raising.

For those new to this type of project the fence is raised and lowered 2x a year. It's lowered when the cattle are removed from the area, just prior to the wildlife migration each fall. It's raised again after the migration is done in the spring, right before the cattle are released on public land again.

If you are interested in helping with this project, please contact us.

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