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Why Do Our Winter Ranges Need Help?

Updated: Jul 15, 2022

Why are the winter ranges so important to ungulate species? Why are they needing help? What is lacking on the winter ranges that are needed? Why are mule deer numbers decreasing each year? All of these important questions are the reason the Winter Range Foundation was created.

The mission statement of the Winter Range Foundation is to ensure the conservation of winter ranges for all wildlife, now and for generations to come.

As stated in our mission, the Winter Range Foundation was created specifically for the winter ranges that our herds use during the winter months. As we know ungulate species migrate annually from their summer habitat to the winter range and back again. Some traveling over 150 miles from range to range. These migrations routes and stopover points are critical in keeping our herds alive and healthy. During this long route of travel, these animals encounter many obstacles from fences to roadways that all have to be navigated. Then there is the need for proper nutrition to keep them healthy and strong. A lot of research and work is going into the migration routes and corridors themselves, but when the animals have made the long journey, they end up in a malnourished winter range habitat.

The focus has always been on the route of travel but has lacked on the winter range habitat itself. That is where we have seen a huge need. We aim to strengthen the winter ranges themselves. This will ensure, that after a long journey through some rough terrain and through many obstacles, our ungulates will be able to receive re-nourishment through viable plant life that is healthy and able to allow them to endure the harshest of winters. For this to happen the Winter Range Foundation needs your help. There are many opportunities to volunteer on projects and to donate resources that will ensure that this winter landscape is enhanced and protected. The winter ranges need more resources allocated to its direct improvement for the betterment of our herds and to ensure a healthy future.

Your help and donations go a long way in furthering the survival rate of our animals. They go directly into the work that is necessary to ensure that they are traveling to healthy feeding grounds. A winter range where there is enough quality feed to help sustain them through the harshest of winters. Where there is adequate plant life that is healthy and able to supplement the nutrients that are necessary to replenish what has been lost after the migration, what is needed to survive through the winter, and what will get them back along the migrations route to their summer ranges once again.

Please consider donating to the cause of the Winter Range Foundation.

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