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Updated: May 8, 2023

A Mule Deer Migration Story

Snow begins to fall as the sun rises in the high country. Popeye and Morty know it’s time to start their long journey.

The Winter Range Foundation is proud to present a children's book on the adventures of local mule deer legends Popeye and Morty. Education is key to bringing knowledge about our mule deer herds and the struggles that they endure year after year. What better way to begin than with our preschool aged children in the community. The deer face many adventures and challenges as they migrate from the high country to their winter home.

With the launch of the book in September of 2023, we will be going on tour throughout Wyoming. We'll be doing a reading for the children as well as hands on learning about the winter range habitat and wildlife that live there. We will bring antlers, mounts, plant life, and other things related to the winter range for the children to handle and see. This interactive tour will help the children see the need for conservation and what those efforts can do for the animals. Each child will receive a copy of the book and the schools will receive multiple copies to keep on hand for their students. Keep up to date by signing up for our newsletter of future readings and tour activities.

Photos of Popeye and Morty by A. Ellis

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