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Updated: May 12, 2023

Mule Deer in the western US typically spend 1/2 the year on the winter ranges. Habitat restoration and improvements will play a vital role in the continued improvements in our mule deer herds.

We at the Winter Range Foundation have teamed up with the local Habitat Biologists to do a study on sagebrush and shrub nutritional content values in Western Wyoming. In particular, the 4 major winter ranges in Sublette County. Those include: The Ryegrass, The Mesa, The Calpet and The Big Sandy ranges. We will compare these ranges with themselves and others throughout the west. The analysis will give us a breakdown of which winter ranges need the most habitat restoration.


We will collect small samples (Approx 20) per range during the spring months and then again during the late fall. These times were selected for an accurate depiction of the health of vegetation when mule deer enter and leave the winter ranges.

The samples collected will be sent off for analysis testing at Dairy One. We will then compile data received from all 4 ranges and compare them to each other. This data will be useful in determining which ranges need the most restoration on the winter ranges.

Below is a PDF Format from the Habitat Biologist we are working with.

Methods_draft_shrub analysis (1)
Download PDF • 557KB


We will focus on Big Sagebrush, Black Sagebrush, Antelope Bitterbrush and Mountain Mahogany in these ranges. Some other samples may be collected if we deem fit.

We appreciate any and all support in helping us with this project. If your interested in donating please click the link below.

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